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Carnelian Agate Egg with Stand

Carnelian Agate Egg with Stand

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You get this Carnelian egg with a stand. Each Carnelian egg will have its own patterns in it. No two eggs look exactly the same. 

Carnelian Agate is a semi-precious stone prized for its beautiful yellow, orange, or amber bands combined with white. This banded form consists of Carnelian and Agate which are varieties of the mineral known as Chalcedony. Most of these polished stones are mined and produced in Botswana.

Carnelian Agate is considered a powerful healing stone that works on all of the chakras to balance the mind, body, and spirit. It removes negative energy and allows positive energy to flow through. It may help with the emotional healing of grief and despair and is often used during meditation to restore feelings of hope and enthusiasm.

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